More good things to come for Windham and Maine!

Individual liberty, lower taxes, more efficient government, and growing Maine's middle class.

About Patrick

My wife and I bought the house she grew up in on River Road that her grandfather built back in the 1940s. Once settled in, I made it an immediate priority to get involved in the community. Doing pro bono and volunteer work with the Windham Land Trust and Windham Neighbors Helping Neighbors has given me the opportunity to meet a number of people that care deeply about Windham and its residents.

In 2012 I led the effort to defeat the Windham Town Council’s proposal to put a sewer in Windham. There were design and financing issues that would have resulted in substantial mil rate increases for homeowners who would have derived no direct benefit. The education effort helped save Windham’s taxpayers money. That experience, coupled with other local property rights and tax issues created a strong interest in serving my neighbors in Augusta.

After attending USM, I became a graphic designer at a few small and large organizations. Twenty years later, I am a self-employed creative director with clients throughout New England. Being self-employed gives me valuable insight into how business works, maintaining good relationships, and how State and Federal government taxes effect business.

I love to hunt, camp, and hike. I have seen much of what our great state has to offer. These journeys have brought me to some of Maine’s most remote areas and caused me to serve on the board of the Falmouth Rod and Gun Club where we are focused on helping people become safer, more knowledgeable hunters.

Having grown up in the middle-class, I know how important having the means to take care of one’s self and family is. The middle-class must be preserved and we must increase opportunity for low income Mainer’s to enter it.

Public Service

I currently serve in the Maine House of Representatives where I sit on the Joint Standing Committee for Criminal Justice and Public Safety along with the Joint Select Committee on Marijuana Legalization Implementation that was formed after voters approved the Marijuana Legalization Act in 2016.

Sitting on two committees is a full legislative workload and I am privileged to be given the responsibility. Since beginning my service, I have maintained a 100% voting and attendance record. If you’re not in the building or paying attention, it’s impossible to make decisions independently.

Practicing civility is key. The most notable fact about my time in the Maine Legislature is that one party has controlled the Senate, while the other, the House. Moving the ball forward for the people means having the ability and willingness to work with everyone in the building. I’ve demonstrated I can do this.

I find my strength everyday in standing up for the right thing, even when it is not the most politically convenient thing to do. If I would feel uncomfortable explaining my vote on one of my neighbor’s doorsteps, I strongly believe that my service in Augusta would be for the wrong reasons.

Serving Windham’s people has been the greatest honor of my life and I know that this is repaid by maintaining a climate of trust with my constituents, doing my homework, and spending my days putting work before blind partisanship. I thank them for this.

On the Issues

Advocating for Hunters and Anglers
Long-standing traditions like hunting and fishing built Maine’s character. It’s important that we continue to cherish and advocate for these activities.

It’s possible to be a conservative conservationist. Being thoughtful, effective stewards of our natural resources will assure our economic vitality and well being.

Business Opportunities
Government’s role is not to stand in the way of doing business in Maine, rather provide every opportunity business needs to succeed. Our people and jobs depend on it.

Maine's Working People
Having a flourishing middle-class is Maine’s best chance at sustaining the safety net for our most vulnerable residents. A decent income provides the means to take care of oneself and family.

The Maine Constitution says that “Every citizen has a right to keep and bear arms and this right shall never be questioned.” Protecting firearm access by law abiding, mentally stable residents is a responsibility that every legislator should take seriously.

Higher Education
The jobs of today and surly tomorrow require technical and communication skills. Higher education needs to be affordable for Maine’s traditional and non-traditional students who wish to expand their knowledge.

Rights and Freedoms
Our Federal and State constitutions are the social contracts by which we the people give authority and direction to the government. I serve to work on behalf of the people and to protect their freedoms.

Patrick Corey in Maine House of Representatives Chamber